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Storage space for rent

Budečská 35, Prague 2
2 rooms 12 mand 7 m2
We have a 12 mstorage room for rent in Vinohrady. The storae room is located in the basement and is accessed by stairs. It is right next to Vinohradský Pavilion. The storage room is dry and the temeperature is more or less the same the whole year round. When haven’t measured under 15 degrees Celsius. The storage room has access to a shared WC, but it does not have any electrical sockets or water. It just has lightning. The building is monitored by a camera system. Together with this room, you can rent the room right next to it (sklad A - 7 m2) for a symbolic price of 1,000 CZK/month, but storage room "A" can is not for rent separately. In total we thus have 19 m2 for rent. 

Storage room B - 12 m2: 3,990 CZK/month
Storage room A + B - 19 m2: 4,990 CZK/month
Utilities: 200 CZK/month (lightning and cleaning of the shared spaces, general waste) 

Public transport:
Metro: A
Tram: 4, 10, 11, 13, 16, 22, 51, 57, 59
Bus: 135

We are not a real estate agency. You do not have to pay commission. 

Husitská 157/80, Prague 3
Storage space - 35 -60 m2

We have a storage space for rent in Žižkov. The storage space is located in the cellar in the courtyard of a building only 1 km from the main access road (magistral), 1,5 km from the city center (náměstí Republiky) and 4 minutes with a bus from Florenc (bus stop Tachovské náměstí). The storage space is accessed by stairs. It is also possible to rent the work room right next to it and combine these two rooms. Thus you can rent either 35 m2 for 5,250 CZK/month or 60 m2 workroom with a window for 10,000 CZK/month. The space has both 220 V and 380 V electricity and has access to a shared WC. The temperature and humidity are more or less constant during the whole year. The temperature is around 10-15 degrees Celsius and the humidity is around 70-80%. The building is monitored by a camera system. It is possible to stop in the courtyard for loading/unloading (max 10-15 minutes per load) for an extra 150 CZK/month. The maximum height of a car entering the courtyard is 236 cm.

Storage room "Sklad A" 35 m2: 5,250 CZK/month
Work room and storage room combined "Sklad A and dilna A" 60 m2: 10,000 CZK/month
Utilities: according to usage (electricity, lightning and cleaning of the shares spaces, general waste)

Public transport:
Metro: B and C
Bus: 133, 175, 207, 908, 909

We are not a real estate agency. You do not have to pay commission.

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