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Byty, kanceláře, ordinace, obchody, lesy,
rybníky, pozemky apod.

About JÁJA sro

JÁJA, spol. s r.o. manages properties in perpsonal posession of the owner of the company or directly owned by JÁJA, spol. s r.o. itself. Therefore you dont have to pay any comission, when renting from us. The properties are located in Prague 1, 2, 3, 10 and in the city of Votice 60 km from Prague. The properties spans a wide range of purposes:

- apartments
- offices
- consultiation rooms
- shops
- restaurants, cafe
- dance, yoga, fitness studio
- musich theatre
- agricultural land
- forests
- ponds

You will find an overview of our vacant spaces at www.jajasro.cz


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